Shake-N-Go Organique MasterMix Weave – Body Wave 3PCS


Shake N Go organique mastermix weave body wave

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Product Description

Shake N Go organique mastermix weave body wave 3PCS.   One pack does it all, contains three bundles one 14 inch/35cm, one 16 inch/41cm, one 18 inch/46cm,  available in color 1 Black.  Curling iron safe up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit/204 Celsius.  Weight is 8.8oz/250g

Shake-N-Go® Organique™ Mastermix® body wave weave

This hair product has been created by master mixing some of the most recently invented fibers.  These fibers feature smooth and tangle-free traits, as well as enhanced resilient curl holding advantages.  This optimum combination, makes the curls last longer.  Mastermix® is only available through Shake-N-Go® products.

Our Organique™ is made fo the finest grade-A fiber formulated to mimic the lok and feel of human hair.

  • Create sexy, voluminous and camera ready styles that will leave you turning heads.  Effortless, bouncy, beautiful hair at an affordable price.
  • Feel the density and natural thickness of premium quality hair.
  • Simple secret to getting maximum volume and thickness.
  • Beauty in the purest form
  • Create your own beautiful hair story

Thick and voluminous  ☑ One of a kind quality   ☑ Soft and luscious

COLOR  1 black
LENGTH bundle of three size 14″/35cm, 16″/41cm, 18″/46cm
MATERIAL Mastermix®
Style Wavy
CUT Layered
LENGTH3 Medium
Type Single-Pack


Caring For Shake-N-Go® Organique™ Body Wave


Wash your hair clean and dry it completely before applying this weave.


For manageability, put each row sparsely.

Care While Wearing:

  • To maintain a fresh curly and wet look, lightly apply gel, mousse, or oil sheen.  Oil sheen is not recommended for bonded weave, since oil may cause weaves to slip out.
  • Combing: when combing, always comb the bottom of hair first and work your way up to the root.


When removing, always consult your professional beautician.


Shake N Go organique mastermix weave body wave

You have spent your hard earned money on your weave but now it is time to wash your hair and you are thinking of taking it out.  Do you know that you can wash it and reuse it?  Follow the instruction below to clean and reuse your Shake-N-Go® Organique™.

  • Wash in cool to lukewarm water.
    Do not wash in hot water.
  • Using a mild conditioning shampoo gently cleanse the scalp and let shampoo water run through hair.
    Do not rub or massage the hair.
  • Rinse thoroughly with cool water and apply conditioner if desired.
  • Pat hair with a towel and air dry.
    Do not comb, blow dry or heat style while wet – this can permanently damage the fiber.
    Hair will return to its original curl pattern once it is completely dry.
  • When dry, style as desired.

Shake-N-Go® Organique™ Mastermix® weave





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